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Workplace Money Coach is bringing Financial Wellbeing to the workplace and showing employees the POWER OF THEIR PAYCHECK. Through small-group discussions and one-to-one coaching, Workplace Money Coach is transforming how your employees think about work by helping them connect the money they earn with the life of their dreams.

Financial Empowerment Workshops for Your Workforce

The Workplace Money Coach Living Paycheck to Purpose SM Program empowers employees to take control of their financial lives so they can realize their full potential in and out of the office. Our live workshops combine education, interactive discussions and thought-provoking activities to help your employees overcome financial hurdles that stand in the way of reaching their financial goals.

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Workplace Money Coach Offerings

If you are interested in a taste of what Workplace Money Coach has to offer, invite us in for an introductory, 30-min workshop or webinar to introduce your workforce to the Four Pillars of Financial Wellbeing.

About Us

Workplace Money Coach was founded by Shane Robson-Smith, a certified personal financial counselor to teach sound money management skills in the very place individuals earn their paychecks. Today, Workplace Money Coach is a growing network of financial coaches and professionals who are trained to facilitate our Living Paycheck to Purpose financial empowerment program to employees across the country.

Workplace Money Coach continues to put a fresh and fun spin on money management with a special emphasis on helping hardworking employees break free of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

For over six years, Workplace Money Coach has helped thousands of employees across the country take control of their money and reach their financial life goals by offering the education, tools and motivation they need to succeed.

Through effective goal setting, savings strategies, debt reduction, and budgeting employees are getting financially fit and reawakening to the world of opportunity that surrounds them.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about the Living Paycheck to Purpose program, please schedule a phone meeting with us using our scheduling software or fill out this form so we can send you our program description and pricing.